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Problem set 4 (10 points) Questions on both the review paper by Woolf and the research paper by Simonen et al., due Tuesday 5/13/08 at the start of class: 1) (6 points) for review paper: In the same issue of Neuron (Vol38, 2003), three papers were published on the Nogo-deficient mice. Briefly describe what kind of mutant mice were studied in each paper and how were neural regeneration changed in these mutant mice (3 points). In addition, please name three potential explanations for the different results obtained from different groups (3 points). Kim et al: Nogo-A/B KO, substantial improved regeneration after spinal cord injury. Zheng et al: Nogo-A/B KO and Nogo-A/B/C KO, no change in regeneration. Simone et al: Nogo-A KO, modest improvement in regeneration after spinal cord injury. (1 point each) Potential explanations: Difference in mouse genetic background. Different ways the animals were made: eg. loss of another growth inhibitory factors in the
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Unformatted text preview: Kim et al mice. Age of the animals. Compensatory effect: eg. Simone et al mice show high Nogo-B expression in CNS. (give 1 point to each answer matches above key) 2) (2 points) for Simonen et al: Nogo-A, B and C all comes from the same gene. What common sequence do they share? And how did the authors selectively knock out Nogo-A? All Nogos share a common C-terminal domain of 188 amino acid. The authors replaced parts of nogo exons 2 and 3 and the intron between them with the PGK-neo gene, the replaced sequence is specific to NogoA) 3) (2 Points) for Simonen et al: What happens to Nogo-B and Nogo-C expression in the CNS and PNS of Nogo-A-/- mice? Nogo-B: dramatically upregulated (10-fold) in CNS, no change in PNS. Nogo-C: no change in either CNS or PNS....
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