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ECE 425 Digital Signal Processing Fall 2009 The following is a list of topics and concepts in the material which exam 1 will cover. This is a comprehensive listing of what we’ve done; obviously the exam cannot test everything and appearance of a concept on this sheet does not guarantee it will appear on the exam. This page outlines what we have covered in class and on the problem sets regarding the CTFT, the DTFT, and sampling. Review: Continuous-time Fourier Transform and CT systems Definition and computation. Inversion. Properties (including duality). Interpretation and the CT frequency variable . Magnitude and phase. Eigenfunctions and LTI CT systems. Input/ output relationships for LTI CT systems (i.e., continuous convolution). Use of CTFT to find system outputs or frequency responses. Timelimited & bandlimited functions. Common CTFTs. Discrete-time Fourier Transform and DT systems Definition and computation. Properties. Inversion. Interpretation and the DT frequency
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