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ECE 425 Digital Signal Processing Fall 2009 The following is a list of topics and concepts in the material which the final exam will cover. This is a comprehensive listing of what we’ve done; obviously the exam cannot test everything and appearance of a concept on this sheet does not guarantee it will appear on the exam. Coverage is comprehensive and covers homeworks 1-9 and labs 1-3. Everything from Exam 1 and Exam 2 Multirate Signal Processing: Rate Changing Review frequency domain effects of both downsampling and upsampling. How to pick cutoffs for low-pass filters for both interpolation and downsampling. How to do rational factor rate changing (order of operations, filter cutoffs). Polyphase implementations of both decimation and interpolation. Multirate Signal Processing: Subband/Wavelet Transforms Analysis and synthesis banks. Ideal frequency responses for slicing up the frequency domain. The DFT as a subband analysis/synthesis system. Signal manipulation in a multi-rate system (i.e.
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