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1)When giving a speech to inform people, make sure that you communicate the information clearly, accurately, and interestingly. 2)When giving a speech to persuade, make sure that you go above and beyond supporting your cause. 3)Your specific purpose statement should encapsulate what you will be talking about in the body of your speech. 4)Study your audience and adapt your speech accordingly to please them. 5)The best way to find out information about your audience is to ask the person who invites you to speak.
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Unformatted text preview: 6)Be aware of your audience’s reaction throughout your speech, negative reactions may require you to make adjustments during your speech. 7)Before giving an interview make sure the interviewee knows the purpose of the interview. 8)Personal experience is almost always a valid source for a speech. 9)Review and transcribe notes from interviews as soon as possible, so they are still fresh in your mind. 10)For your central idea make sure you concentrate on one specific idea and not more than that....
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