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MATH 352 Assignment #6 Due: Friday November 23, 2007 1. Chapter 6 Problem 20. 2. Chapter 6 Theoretical Exercise 9. 3. Chapter 6 Problem 40. 4. Let X Unif (0 , 1). Find the pmf of Y if the conditional distribution of Y given X = x is Bin ( n, x ). Does Y have a binomial distribution? Use the fact that R 1 0 x a (1 - x ) b dx = a ! b ! / ( a + b + 1)!. 5. A trial of an experiment consists of shuffling a standard deck of cards and then dealing two of
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Unformatted text preview: them (without replacement). Independent trials of this experiment are conducted (each time starting with the full deck) until a pair of each rank has been dealt. Let X denote the total number of Aces dealt during this entire procedure. Find E ( X )....
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