BlackjackConsole - /* Simulation of console-I/O program...

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Unformatted text preview: /* Simulation of console-I/O program Blackjack, using ConsoleApplet as a basis. See the file for more information. David Eck */ * public class BlackjackConsole extends ConsoleApplet { p protected String getTitle() { return "Blackjack!"; } protected void program() { /* This program lets the user play Blackjack. The computer acts as the dealer. The user has a stake of $100, and makes a bet on each game. The user can leave at any time, or will be kicked out when he loses all the money. House rules: The dealer hits on a total of 16 or less and stands on a total of 17 or more. Dealer wins ties. A new deck of cards is used for each game. */ int money; // Amount of money the user has. int bet; // Amount user bets on a game. boolean userWins; // Did the user win the game? console.putln("Welcome to the game of blackjack."); console.putln(); money = 100; // User starts with $100. while (true) { console.putln("You have " + money + " dollars."); do { console.putln("How many dollars do you want to bet? (Enter 0 to end.)"); console.put("? "); bet = console.getlnInt(); if (bet < 0 || bet > money) console.putln("Your answer must be between 0 and " + money + '.'); } while (bet < 0 || bet > money); if (bet == 0) break; userWins = playBlackjack(); if (userWins) money = money + bet; else money = money - bet; console.putln(); if (money == 0) { console.putln("Looks like you've are out of money!"); break; } }...
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This note was uploaded on 01/15/2010 for the course CSC 115 taught by Professor Jackson during the Spring '09 term at University of Victoria.

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BlackjackConsole - /* Simulation of console-I/O program...

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