BlackjackGUI - /* In this applet, the user plays a game of...

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/* In this applet, the user plays a game of Blackjack. The computer acts as the dealer. The user plays by clicking "Hit!" and "Stand!" buttons. The programming of this applet assumes that the applet is set up to be about 466 pixels wide and about 346 pixels high. That width is just big enough to show 2 rows of 5 cards. The height is probably a little bigger than necessary, to allow for variations in the size of buttons from one platform to another. This file defines two classes, the applet class BlackJackGUI and a class BlackJackCanvas which is used in the applet. (This is slightly bad style, but is OK since the BlackJackCanvas class is not public and is not used outside this file.) */ * import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.applet.*; i public class BlackjackGUI extends Applet { p public void init() { // The init() method lays out the applet using a BorderLayout. // A BlackJackCanvas occupies the CENTER position of the layout. // On the bottom is a panel that holds three buttons. The // HighLowCanvas object listens for ActionEvents from the buttons // and does all the real work of the program. setBackground( new Color(130,50,40) ); setLayout( new BorderLayout(3,3) ); BlackjackCanvas board = new BlackjackCanvas(); add(board, BorderLayout.CENTER); Panel buttonPanel = new Panel(); buttonPanel.setBackground( new Color(220,200,180) ); add(buttonPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH); Button higher = new Button( "Hit!" ); higher.addActionListener(board); higher.setBackground(Color.lightGray); buttonPanel.add(higher); Button lower = new Button( "Stand!" ); lower.addActionListener(board); lower.setBackground(Color.lightGray); buttonPanel.add(lower); Button newGame = new Button( "New Game" ); newGame.addActionListener(board); newGame.setBackground(Color.lightGray); buttonPanel.add(newGame); } // end init()
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public Insets getInsets() { // Specify how much space to leave between the edges of // the applet and the components it contains. The background // color shows through in this border. return new Insets(3,3,3,3);
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BlackjackGUI - /* In this applet, the user plays a game of...

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