ColoredHelloWorldApplet - / An applet that says "Hello...

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// An applet that says "Hello World" in a big bold font, // with a button to change the color of the message. import java.awt.*; // Defines basic classes for GUI programming. import java.awt.event.*; // Defines classes for working with events. import java.applet.*; // Defines the applet class. public class ColoredHelloWorldApplet extends Applet implements ActionListener { // Defines a subclass of Applet. The "implements ActionListener" // part says that objects of type ColoredHelloApplet are // capable of listening for ActionEvents. This is necessary // if the applet is to respond to events from the button. int colorNum; // Keeps track of which color is displayed; // 1 for red, 2 for blue, 3 for green. Font textFont; // The font in which the message is displayed. // A font object represent a certain size and // style of text drawn on the screen. public void init() { // This routine is called by the system to initialize the applet. // It sets up the font and initial color for the message and
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ColoredHelloWorldApplet - / An applet that says "Hello...

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