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public class GuessingGame { p public static void main(String[] args) { TextIO.putln("Let's play a game. I'll pick a number between"); TextIO.putln("1 and 100, and you try to guess it."); boolean playAgain; do { playGame(); // call subroutine to play one game TextIO.put("Would you like to play again? "); playAgain = TextIO.getlnBoolean(); } while (playAgain); TextIO.putln("Thanks for playing. Goodbye."); } // end of main() static void playGame() { int computersNumber; // A random number picked by the computer. int usersGuess; // A number entered by user as a guess. int guessCount; // Number of guesses the user has made. computersNumber = (int)(100 * Math.random()) + 1; // The value assigned to computersNumber is a randomly // chosen integer between 1 and 100, inclusive. guessCount = 0; TextIO.putln(); TextIO.put("What is your first guess? ");
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Unformatted text preview: while (true) { usersGuess = TextIO.getInt(); // get the user's guess guessCount++; if (usersGuess == computersNumber) { TextIO.putln("You got it in " + guessCount + " guesses! My number was " + computersNumber); break; // the game is over; the user has won } if (guessCount == 6) { TextIO.putln("Sorry, you didn't get the number in 6 guesses."); TextIO.putln("You lose. My number was " + computersNumber); break; // the game is over; the user has lost } // If we get to this point, the game continues. // Tell the user if the guess was too high or too low. if (usersGuess < computersNumber) TextIO.put("That's too low. Try again: "); else if (usersGuess > computersNumber) TextIO.put("That's too high. Try again: "); } TextIO.putln(); } // end of playGame() } // end of class GuessingGame...
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