LayoutDemo - /* This applet demonstrates various layout...

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/* This applet demonstrates various layout managers. The applet itself uses a border layout with a panel in the center, a "Choice" menu to the North, and a Label to the south. The center panel uses a CardLayout. Each card in the card layout contains a number of buttons and uses a different layout manager. The "Choice" menu is used to select among these cards. The Label reports events as they occur. */ * import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.applet.Applet; i public class LayoutDemo extends Applet implements ItemListener, ActionListener { p CardLayout cards; // the layout manager for the center panel Panel cardPanel; // the center panel Label message; // a message shown at the bottom of the applet public void init() { setBackground(; Choice panelChoice = new Choice(); // Set up the "Choice" menu panelChoice.setBackground(Color.white); panelChoice.addItemListener(this); panelChoice.add("FlowLayout"); // Add in the names of the cards. panelChoice.add("FlowLayout with Big Hgap"); panelChoice.add("BorderLayout"); panelChoice.add("GridLayout(3,2)"); panelChoice.add("GridLayout(1,0)"); panelChoice.add("GridLayout(0,1)"); message = new Label("Layout Demo", Label.CENTER);
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LayoutDemo - /* This applet demonstrates various layout...

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