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Interest - rate = 0.07 interest = principal rate Compute...

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public class Interest { p /* This class implements a simple program that will compute the amount of interest that is earned on $17,000 invested at an interest rate of 0.07 for one year. The interest and the value of the investment after one year are printed to standard output. */ public static void main(String[] args) { /* Declare the variables. */ double principal; // The value of the investment. double rate; // The annual interest rate. double interest; // Interest earned in one year. /* Do the computations. */ principal = 17000;
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Unformatted text preview: rate = 0.07; interest = principal * rate; // Compute the interest. principal = principal + interest; // Compute value of investment after one year, with interest. // (Note: The new value replaces the old value of principal.) /* Output the results. */ System.out.print("The interest earned is $"); System.out.println(interest); System.out.print("The value of the investment after one year is $"); System.out.println(principal); } // end of main() } // end of class Interest...
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