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/* This is a simple extension of the RandomBrighten class. It shows an animation similar to the one in RandomBrighten except that the pattern is horizontally and vertically symmetric. The applet depends on RandomBrighten and on MosaicCanvas. */ * public class SymmetricBrighten extends RandomBrighten { p void brighten(int row, int col) { // Brighten the specified square and its horizontal and vertical
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Unformatted text preview: // reflections. This overrides the brighten method from the // RandomBrighten class, which just brightens one square. super.brighten(row, col); super.brighten(ROWS - 1 - row, col); super.brighten(row, COLUMNS - 1 - col); super.brighten(ROWS - 1 - row, COLUMNS - 1 - col); } }...
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