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Unformatted text preview: Backward Market Research Video Script: Opening - SCENE 1 A location in the building, Narrator walks in frame, talks to camera. N: Before the launching of a new product, marketers require a large volume of information in order to devise a comprehensive marketing plan. Hence, different kinds of studies need to be conducted. For example, pricing studies based on cost analyses, demand analyses, and profitability; promotion studies to determine the best advertising copy to be used; distribution studies to ascertain the proper number and location of warehouses or the types of retail distributors to use; etc. Good preparation is only the beginning. Following are the steps one usually goes through to acquire more and better information. Identify problem Report Prototype Informal investigation and secondary research. Specify population and sample frame. Select method. Prepare data collection form. Pretest the instrument. Brief the interviewer Field work. Now, let’s see how it works, ....... Camera pans away from the Narrator, over his shoulder, and zooms in to two people taking to each other. (P = product manager. M= market spet) M: Please tell me a bit more about your idea. P: Sure. We started talking about doing a survey on the market potential of a health product. I want your opinion about choosing to target people with a middle or high income and a health conscious point of view. They arrive at the door of P’s office, P invites M inside. SCENE: Inside P’s office, general office setup, desk, computer, filing cabinet and product display shelf with some products on it. M: Health-conscious people buy health products. That makes sense. But what do you mean by a ‘middle or high’ monthly income? P: Well, the cost of health products are high so a stable, high income is needed to buy these products. What I mean is that customers most probably have a monthly income of at least, mmm, at least $15,000 or more? M: Yes. That would be plausible. What is the product you have in mind? We would need to know the price. P takes a pack of the product from the shelf; shows to M. P: The product is called ‘My Choice’. It is mainly made from a plant named "guar gum". Guar gum is a high fibre health food. The product exists as two separate powder-mixtures. One contains guar gum and vitamins. The other consists of guar gum and selenium-yeast. M: Tell me more about the product. (He holds the product and looks at it.) P: The product is good for maintaining blood-pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol, and also very useful for people with diabetes: The size per bottle is 500g. We want to know how much consumers are prepared to pay between the proposed price range of $250 and $400....
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Backward_Market_Research_Video_Script - Backward Market...

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