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Please return this reply slip together with the completed questionnaire to: Office for Chinese Management Development Department of Marketing City University of Hong Kong Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Hong Kong Replv Slip - CRM Survey Please fill in the following or attach your Name Card here: Name: Title: Company: Address: I would like to receive the following book (please select ONE): 0 .. A 'i- J.t:.t. ..;f~t~: 'i- J.t" *J:.1t:.t. .'tii:~ 0 * t/j {f;::1f: (Note: If your selection is not available, we shall send you the other one instead.) . A. ... JJ. ~~t ~ : 'f JJ. .. "*"J::.1.r. . ~J:tf;:~ 05 ~:i=: ~.BlJ ! tJ:j}!iJ!if.:i:: wm~iiJ::k"'tI:I}!iJ!if.:i: . .5:EfJ: HK$120.00 ~?§:Mfr: 'lgJl*:f:1t~~-M.B~~iP 0 f!1~1£I:j::I~,
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