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PALMERSTON NORTH OMNIBUS INTERVIEWER BRIEFING NOTES April 2000 Please read these notes before you start interviewing. 1. Before you do anything else, turn to page 7. If the lists of toyshops and liquor outlets in questions 2 and 3 are read out in the same order each time, there is the possibility that shops at the top of the list will achieve higher awareness figures simply because they are read out first. 2. Turn to page 12, question 56 and do the same as described in 1. That is, put a mark at the top or bottom of the list of voluntary organizations on alternate questionnaires, to remind yourself to alternate the order in which you read the list. 3. For questions asking about behavior in the last six months, the period concerned is from the beginning of November 1999; you may need to explain this to some respondents. 4. For questions asking about behavior in the last twelve months, we want respondents to be as accurate as possible, but absolute accuracy is not essential or expected. An answer like, "three or four cans", is better than " I don’t know
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Unformatted text preview: exactly how many", and accurate enough for our purposes. 5. In question 26 we are interested in why the respondent shopped at that particular store, not why they bought that particular item. 6. In question 27 we are only interested in radio and newspaper advertising, not TV advertising. 7. In questions 31 and 35 we are interested in which of the reasons offered were factors in the respondent’s choice of shop. There will probably be other reasons given as well as those listed; and in some cases none of those listed may be relevant. But we are only interested in which of the reasons given on the showcard were relevant. 8. Note that in question 88 and 89 we want the previous occupation of anyone who is retired. 9. Remember that, if the respondent seems at all reluctant to answer a question, you can assure them that their answers will remain strictly confidential. 10. Finally, you must familiarize yourself with the questionnaire before you start interviewing....
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