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SPSS T-test 1. One-Sample T Test The objective of the test is to test the difference between a sample mean and a known or hypothesized value. To demonstrate the one-sample t-test, we will use the test to determine whether or not the mean probability of buying the Woolworth dog biscuit in each of the male and female sample significantly differs from 5. You will recall that purchase intention was measured by a scale from 0 to 10, ‘0’ being certainly no; and ‘10’ being certainly yes. Hence, a probability of 5 means a state of complete undecidedness or indeterminacy on the part of the respondent. If our t-test shows that the mean buying probability is significantly greater than 5, we have more confidence that a market for Woolworth dog biscuit might exist. Because we want to look at each gender separately, the file must first be split into groups by Gender. To split the file, from the Data Editor menus choose: Data Split File. .. Select Compare groups, then select Gender, and click OK as shown in the diagram below: To begin the one-sample t test, from the menus choose:
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Compare Means One-Sample T Test. .. Select likelihood of buying as the test variable. Type 5 as the test value. Click OK to get the results: T-Test The one-sample T-test tests if the population mean of a group is significantly different from a specific value. In the One-Sample Test table above, the Test Value is 5, and two groups were tested: female and male. The hypotheses are as follows: H1: μ female = 5 (μ female stands for the unknown mean buying probability of the population of female consumers)
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SPSS_T-test - SPSS T-test 1. One-Sample T Test The...

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