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Pearls 8,9,10 1)Three basic parts of a speech: Introduction body and conclusion 2)The body of a speech begins when you determine your main points (central features of your speech) 3)Be sure to organize your in a logical way (the ways were stated in previously read chapter) 4)Transitions are what tie the entire speech together, make them clear and purposeful in your speech. 5)Get your audiences attention in the beginning, this can be done by: relating the topic to the audience, stating the importance of your topic, startling the audience, arousing curiosity, questioning the audience, beginning with a question, or telling a story about the
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Unformatted text preview: topic. 6)After gaining your audiences attention, reveal the true purpose behind your speech. 7)Once your audience knows your topic, make sure to establish your credibility so your audience knows they can believe you. 8)Signal the end of the your speech, make sure your audience knows that you are about to end your speech. 9)Reinforce your central idea by either, summarizing your speech, ending with a quote, making a dramatic statement. 10)Keep a consistent structure throughout your outline, while you don’t have to state every word you are going to say, make sure that you at least briefly touch everything....
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