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CH2 Brief 6e - 5 What are C key words Give a couple of...

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Chapter 2: Introduction to C++ label the parts of a C++ program // sample C++ program #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello, there!"; return 0; } 1. What does the cout object do? o What is the stream insertion operator and how can it be used to send more than one item to the monitor? 2. What is the endl manipulator and the \n escape sequence? 3. What does the #include directive do and how is it seen by compiler? o What is a variable? o What is a literal? Give an example of a integer literal, a float literal, a single char literal and a character string literal. 4. What is the bool data type? Give two examples of bool data.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What are C++ key words? Give a couple of examples of some C++ key words. 6. What are some guidelines for creating variable names? 7. What is an assignment statement? 8. What is variable initialization? 9. What do single line comments look like? 10.What do multi- line comments look like? o What is variable scope? 11.What are arithmetic operators? Give some examples. o What is integer division? o How does promotion within division occur? 12.What is modulus? What is the modulus operator? 13.What are programming comments? 14.What are some common practices that improve program readability?...
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