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Sarah Trayner Process Memo Our group has done a fantastic job so far when it comes to working with one another. Because we are able to communicate in a productive fashion, we were able to come up with our web-zine together in unity. In the process we had to decide who our audience was, the purpose of our webzine, the message we were trying to get across, as well as, the method we are using to portray our ideas. Basically, our web-zine is geared toward teenage girls who are in college. We want them to be able to read our web-zine and be more comfortable with actually experiencing the college life. I know that if I had seen our web-zine before I went to college, it would have made me feel more comfortable with the aspect of being in a college environment. This is the goal/purpose that we are
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Unformatted text preview: trying to achieve. We provide information on fashion, dos and donts, drink specialties, and more! I believe that when a person looks at our web-zine they can clearly see who the audience is, the purpose, as well as the message. The method that we decided to use in order to get our message across was through pictures, colorful words, humor, etc. This makes the web-zine more upbeat in that more teenage girls will want to view it. Overall, our final product is being achieved through being able to work with one another. The process our group used to decide on this rhetoric was simple because we were able to work together and communicate our ideas....
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