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Create an Advertisement

Create an Advertisement - -Guys appear to spend the least...

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Create an Advertisement -create an advertisement that would most likely grasp the attention of a teenager -Teenagers are one of the main groups of people that advertisers try to reach out to the most. -I remember reading that teenage girls drop the most money from purchasing clothes and accessories. As a result, the market tries to reach soley to teenage girls. -This can be seen through the store Hollister & Co. They have 5 rooms for teenage girl clothes and accessories and have a meager one room for teenage guys.
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Unformatted text preview: -Guys appear to spend the least amount of money on clothes. This is probably due to the lack of interest they have when it comes to their self image. They just want to be in and out.-My advertisement would probably be a picture of a teenage girl with only Hollister clothes on. -this would cause the reader to realize that the goal of the advertisement is to sell Hollister clothes to teenage girls. -this advertisement would probably appear in a surfing magazine because Hollister is more of a beachy style...
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