If my life was dull and boring

If my life was dull and boring - Sarah Trayner ENC1102 An...

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Sarah Trayner 2/11/08 ENC1102 “An Eventful Weekend in my Life” If my life were dull and boring, I would probably shoot myself. My friends have always told me that I should have my own sitcom because of the amount of uncontrollable drama that occurs in my life. Lizzie Maguire has nothing on me. She may be a movie star, however, she doesn’t actually live the role that she plays. Because of all the crazy, varied things that occur in my life, I decided to pick one weekend in which to explain to you the events that occurred that led to an actual fight. Usually, generic fights are caused by distinct circumstances such as “he said, she said” mixed together with confusion as well as by large amounts of alcohol consumption. It was January 24, 2008, the day that I could possibly remember for the rest of my life. To me, “it was a day that will live in infamy”(Roosevelt). All of the trouble began around 9 p.m. after arriving at my friend Krystal’s apartment. I did not come alone. I was with my best friends whom I hold most dear in the world: Skylar, Chelsea, and Rachel. Of course you could guess that the key ingredients to this event were marked by jealousy, alcohol, and jerks. The jealousy was reflected by my actions towards another girl named Elora. She was continuously pushing my buttons by flirting with the guy that I had been dating. She was in the wrong from the beginning because she had a boyfriend. As a result of her actions, I guess you could say that I labeled her as the “typical FSU whore.” Elora and her friends already created a negative vibe towards my friends and I, especially little
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Rachel. Rachel is only about 5’2, basically the same size and height as Skylar. Chelsea,
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If my life was dull and boring - Sarah Trayner ENC1102 An...

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