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-Dead metaphors: -Expertise: -Free speech: sense of national identity Economic systems: -Cultural ecology: the way people use their culture to adapt to their particular environments, in order to provide for their material needs -Economic systems: refer to the different strategies humans employ to provide for their needs 1. hunting and gathering (foraging) a)settlement pattern- nomadic b)social group c) sociopolitical organization- egalitarian
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Unformatted text preview: 2. horticulture- garden using simple techniques-began 10 to 12 thousand yrs ago in the middle east-independently a)permanent settlements b) social group-tribes-group of elders that serve as mentors which are the beginnings in equality 3. pastoralism- pasturing of animals a)settlement pattern-nomadic or semi nomadic b)social group- tribes 4. agriculture- kind of farming based on intense cultivation...
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