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journal 7 - order to complete the final project The space...

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Sarah Trayner “Journal 7” After learning the meaning of space as well as the meaning of community, I am able to actually see the relationship between space and community. Space is the specific location in which a person or group of people are at a given time and a community is the group of people that interact in that space at a given time. There is a direct relationship between the two in that when you are in a certain space, there will be a specific type of community that you will have to work with within that space. As a result, communication will have to take place. In order for something to be completed in a given space, the community will have to interact with one another in order for the task to be completed successfully. I have found that this is true through my own experience. I learned this through my actual English II class in that I have to work with a specific group of people in
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Unformatted text preview: order to complete the final project. The space is inside the English classroom, the community are the people within the classroom, and the communication is the action that takes place in order for us to complete are project. We learn many things just from communicating with one another. The communities we belong to guide the manner in which we communicate because we act a certain way when we are in that community. This can also be seen through my experience in English II. Because we are inside of a classroom, we use inside voices and we do not talk when the teacher is talking. If I were outside with a sports team, we would use outside voices and scream our heads off just for fun. Basically, the community that we are around influences the way that we will behave or express ourselves around one another. As a result, the way we communicate can guide genre....
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journal 7 - order to complete the final project The space...

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