Anthropological perspective

Anthropological perspective - I. Anthropological...

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I. Anthropological perspective: Anthropology: the study of human species, the study of the whole of the human condition, past, present, and future, biology, language, and culture Eric Wolfe- anthropology most scientific and humanistic Humanitarian bc provides knowledge with a purpose and understand each other 4 disciplines: cultural, linguistics, archaeology, and physical biological- focuses on human diversity in time and space, studies other primates for comparative purposes Methods 1. linguistic- studies language in cultural contexts over space and time sub-discipline- applied anthropology, application of anthropological data and perspective theories to identify, access, and solve contemporary problems 2. participant observation: going somewhere and observing life patterns 3. conversation interviews- interviewing someone 4. genealogical methods: the use of well informed informants 5 .
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Anthropological perspective - I. Anthropological...

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