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King Fahd Univesity of Petroleum & Minerals Department of Electrical Engineering EE200-03 (062) Homework # 2 1. Find the (r-1)'s complements of the following numbers: (498530) 10 , (A9C.5) 16 , (110110) 2 , and (100000,011) 2 . 2. Perform the binary subtraction 110110 – 11101 using the 2's complement. 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Represent the signed numbers (+75) and (-52) in binary using 8 bits. Then add the two numbers and convert the sum to decimal. 4. Represent the decimal number 482.5 using BCD and 2421 codes. 5. Represent the message " Home Work 2 is due" in ASCII using the hexadecimal representation....
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