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EE200 DIGITAL LOGIC CIRCUIT DESIGN Class Notes CLASS 14-2&3 The material covered in this lecture will be as follows: Ripple counters. Binary ripple counter. BCD (Decimal) ripple counter. After finishing this lecture, you should be able to: Describe the operation of binary ripple counters. Recognize the count cycle and timing diagram of counters. Understand the modifications required for the input functions to transform the 4-bit binary ripple counter to BCD ripple counter. ipple Counters R here are two categories of counters: T Ripple counters, Synchronous counters. Ripple counters are counters where each flip flop is triggered by the transition of other flip-flops. In synchronous counters all flip- lops are triggered by the same clock pulses. f inary Ripple Counter EE200(class 14-2&3) Prof. M.M. Dawoud 136 B
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