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3-Lesson_Notes_Lecture_29 - EE 204 Lecture 29 Three Phase...

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EE 204 Lecture 29 Three Phase Circuits Introduction of three phase circuit concept The three phase circuit is the main circuit structure used in power system. The electrical power generation is accomplished through three-phase circuit. The three phase connection lines transmit power over long distance. The energy is distributed and consumed at the load level through three phase and single phase. The basic structure of a three phase system consists of voltage source, transformers, transmission line and connected loads. Balance Three Phase Voltages Three sinusoidal voltages form a set of balanced voltages when they have the same amplitudes and frequency. These voltages are shifted in phase by 120o with each other. The standard practice is to name those phases by a, b and c and use phase a as reference. These voltages represent phase a voltage, phase b voltage and phase c voltage.
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Balanced Y-connected Load
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