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Quiz_5 - o V The parameters of the linear transformer are R...

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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Electrical Engineering Department By: Dr. Chokri Belhaj Ahmed EE205-03 (042) QUIZ # 5 May 16-2005 Student Name ID Number A series combination of 150 resistor and a 20 nF capacitor is connected to sinusoidal voltage source by a linear transformer. The source is operating at a frequency of 500 krad/sec. At this frequency the internal impedance of the source is (5 + j16) . The rms voltage source is 125
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Unformatted text preview: o V . The parameters of the linear transformer are R 1 = 12 Ω , L 1 = 80 µ H, R 2 = 50 Ω , L 2 = 500 µ H, M= 100 µ H 1) Construct the frequency domain equivalent circuit and find the coupling coefficient. 2) Calculate the self impedance of the primary circuit 3) Calculate the self impedance of the secondary circuit 4) Calculate reflected impedance into the primary winding 5) Give the scaling factor of the the reflected impedance....
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