PolySciu - #14 Greed slime filth these are some of the...

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#14 Greed, slime, filth; these are some of the common terms associated with bureaucrats. Are these people really as bad as the perception of them makes them out to be? While in some instances yes, more often than not we as Americans focus so much on what they do wrong that we bypass all the good they do for our country. Bureaucracies are some of the major players when any piece of legislation gets passed. Inferring that not all legislation is bad bureaucracies must do some good for society. The problem is Americans expect them to do the good without expecting anything in return, but when something bad happens it is inexcusable. When it comes to things like civil rights people do not notice the bureaucracies involved in fighting for them, all Americans focused on were the people arguing against civil rights and how the government was trying to keep the minorities down. But, when looked at closely there were bureaucracies fighting for civil rights as well. The most well known example of this is the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). They led the fight for the desegregation of schools and other facilities.
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PolySciu - #14 Greed slime filth these are some of the...

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