FBE 421 final outline revised

FBE 421 final outline revised - FBE 421 Final Exam Topic...

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FBE 421 Final Exam Topic Outline NOTE: This Outline is not meant to be a complete outline of all topics covered in this course. The Final Exam may include any and all topics and materials that were covered or assigned during the semester. The Final Exam will include topics that may not appear on this Outline. This outline also does not repeat the materials covered on the Midterm Exam Topic Outline. The Final Exam will be comprehensive and may include topics previously tested on the midterm. I. General Framework. A. Learning Goals. 1. Conceptual focus. Learn to think and analyz. 2. Technical focus. Learn to compute. 3. Practical focus. Learn about people, places, things. B. Framework. 3 questions of corporate finance. 1. The investment question. 2. The financing question. 3. The dividend question. II. See Midterm Exam Outline. III. Fundamental drivers of value. A. Porter Five Forces model. 1. Rivalry among competing firms 2. The availability of substitute products 3. Barriers to entry from new competition 4. Bargaining power of suppliers 5. The bargaining power of buyers B. Valuation context. 1. Time. 2. Place. 3. Person. 4. Laws. 5. Culture. 6. Market. 7. Taxes. 8. Transaction costs. 9. Demographics. 10. Management. 11. Market. IV. A. Pro forma analysis.
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1. Income statement. 2. Balance Sheet. 3. Capitalization table. B. SEC filings and documents. 1. 10-K. a. Income statement. b. Balance Sheet. c. Cash flow statement. d. Footnotes. e. Sarbannes Oxley requirements. f. Auditor’s opinion. 2. 10-Q. 3. Proxy statement. 4. Red herring/S-1/prospectus. 5. 13-D filing. 6. 14D filing. C. Other documents. 1. Wall Street equity research. 2.
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FBE 421 final outline revised - FBE 421 Final Exam Topic...

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