chapt1a - ME4204 08/09 Semester 1 P. 2 / 2 Evaluation and...

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ME4204 08/09 Semester 1 P. 1 / 2 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Mechanical Engineering 2008/09 Semester 1 ME4204 Mechatronics Systems Mini-Project Objective To enhance students understanding and design experience to integrate the components of mechatronic systems for practical applications. Task Students are working in groups. Each group is required to design a SIMPLE mechatronics product or system in ONE of the following areas: Communication (e.g. Walkie-talkie) Entertainment (e.g. MP3 Player, Wii remote controller) Household (e.g. Air-conditioner) Industrial (e.g. Rapid Prototyping Machine) Medical & Healthcare (e.g. Blood Pressure Meter) Office Equipment (e.g. Printer) Toys (e.g. Robotic Pet) Others The product or system can be existing in the market or completely new but it must contain the following key elements:
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Unformatted text preview: ME4204 08/09 Semester 1 P. 2 / 2 Evaluation and Assessment Method • Presentation: Each group has to give a presentation of the topic. (50%) • Report: Each group has to submit a detailed project report. (50%) Report Guidelines The report should include the following elements: 1. Introduction (Product Description) 2. Product Requirements 3. Design Specifications (Structure, Components, Mechanisms, Principles, etc.) 4. Block Diagram(s) of System Model 5. Operation Flowchart(s) 6. System Implementation 7. Discussions 8. Conclusion 9. References / Appendix Tentative Project Schedule Date Event 10 September, 2008 Project Title Submission 17 September, 2008 Title Confirmation & Project Start 16 October and 13 November, 2008 Project Consultation 27 November, 2008 Presentation 3 December, 2008 Deadline of Report Submission...
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chapt1a - ME4204 08/09 Semester 1 P. 2 / 2 Evaluation and...

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