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Final Exam BIO1130 - cross word - final

Final Exam BIO1130 - cross word - final - m Across Down 2...

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Unformatted text preview: m Across Down 2 These large tubes help supplv air to insect tissues '1 The female embrvonic protective device of that require oxvgen. (?j gvmnosperms and angiosperms. (4) ? Functionallv the cells of the fruiting bodies of 2 Some of the first plants didnt have leaves, just cells mushrooms have this chromosome compliment. (E) that form Iavers vvithout anv differentiation into B You vvont find this stage in a hemimetabolous insect. different CEIIS tvpes. U") (4) 3 Wings are found onlv in this stage of the insect life 3 This sugar reward in flovvering plants is a gift to their WCIE- E53 pollinators. (E) 4 Angiosperms are the onlv plants with this unique 1|] Ascomvcotes get their name from this sac like reproductive structure. (E) structure that surrounds the ShDFES- E53 5 This gas is the source of almost all the biomass of a 11 The vvater absorbing part of the plant (4) plant. (13) 56 Number of spores produced bv each basidiomvcote 25 Controlled opening in a leaf through which gases diploid cell. (4) and vvater move. (?J 25 Unlike the first vascular tissues in plants this describes the cell contents of the higher vascular plants. (7’) 2? Number of nuclei inside an angiosperm pollen grain. E3) 23 In the female sporangium of a pine (gvmnospermj hovv manv products of meiosis survive and fuse with the sperm? (3] 23 During a vvalk in the vvoods which stage of the fern's life cvcle are vou seeing. (1U) 3|] Usual name for a fern leaf. (5) 35 Compared to vvater, there is more of this in air. (5) 32 Nitrogenous vvastes generated bv a reptile embrvo 3? Insects protect the egg from drving out bv covering it are stored here. (El) with a this. (5) 34 The female cones of a pine are located on this part 33 In this fungal-plant mutualism the fungal hvphae dont of the tree. (3) invade the plant cells. (15) 35 Compared to vvater, there is more of this in air. (5) 42 These are derived from a reptiles epidermis. (E) 3? Insects protect the egg from drving out bv covering it 44 Structural carbohvdrate in a fungal cell vvall. (E) vvith a this. (5) 4? Pollen contains vvhich gamete? (5) 33 In thiS fungal-plant mUtUfitiSm the fungal hvphae d'fiht 49 Number of times vvings evolved in the Insects. (4) invade the plant CEHS- E15) 51 The fusion of egg and sperm. (5) ‘12 ThESE are derived from a reptiles epidermis. ('33 53 in conifers (gvmnospermsj pollen is dispersed using 44 Structural carbohvdrate in a fungal cell vvall. (5] this. (4:. 14 This biepelymer en the surfaee ef leayes helps preyent water less. (3) 1? Number ef speres in an aseemyeete spere predueing strueture. (5) 13 Gametephytes preduee gametes and when they're 45 Prebable feed fer the first amphibians en land. (T) 45 The seeendary plant eell wall is fermed primarily frem this substance. (E) 43 Lignin's eriginal ferm er appearanee in the first yaseular plant sells. [5) heused in an arehegenia it's what type ef gamete? 50 In additien te a nutrient supply the seed alse eentains (33 this eritieal stage in a flewering plants life eyele. (E) 2!] Plant Speres are predueed inside this strueture. (1 III) 52 The number ef tagma in an inseet. (5) 23 lCine sperm nueleus in a flewering plant fuses with 54 The main sensery tagma ef an inseet. (4) the egg te preduee the zygete the ether ene fuses 55 Mede ef leeemetien used by mess sperm te reaeh with twe female nuelei te preduee this. (El) 35 De fungi haye swimming gametes? E3) 39 The feed that a reptile embrye feeds en is the . I14) 41] The fleshy part ef the fruit that surreunds the seeds ferms frem this part ef the female part ef the flewer. E5) 41 When the water abserbing and anehering struetures ef a plant laek yaseular tissue they are referred te as these. (8) 43 What an arehegenium preduees. (4) 44 This membrane surreunds the embrye and all the ether membranes feund in a reptiles egg. (F) 5 Te suryiye, all amphibians haye te lay their eggs in this. (5) 12 In the gymnesperms the speres differ in appearanee frem eaeh ether and the twe are deseribed as this. (12) 13 The feeding strategy ef fungi. (11) 15 When the adult and juyeniles leek the same in inseets, this is referred te as this type ef metamerphesis. E14) 15 Terrestrial plants eyelyed frem this type ef algae. (5) 13 In nen yaseular plants this stage ef the life eyele deminates. [1th the egg. (4) 21 This strueture eentains the mieresperangia ef flewering plants. (5) 22 What were the first yaseular plants were reaehing up fer. (5) 24 What liehens de te reek te get their nutrients. (EU 25 This dispersiye fungal stage ean trayel fer miles simply en a gust ef wind. (5) 31 W fungus spends enly a yery shert part ef its life eyele with this ehremesemal eenfiguratien. E?) 32 W reptiles embrye is bathed in this fluid. (8) 33 Witheugh almest all inseets haye them new fer leeemetien, aneestrally they didnt. E5) 5? Term for the type of fertilization in flowering plants. (5) 58 This structure gives the pasidiomyeote fungi their name. (If) 59 The main respirator-gr surfaee in most amphibians. [4) Bl] Unlike other multioellular organisms the nuolei of the mating types remain separate and the sell is referred to as being a myoelium. [14) Hflflflflflm a H H “HIDE“ HE E Bflflfl 1:. E H s BEE H Elfin! H H BEE aflflflflflflnflm H n n EHEMHHH Eflflfl H H H WEE T H H Eflflflflflfl fl hflfl m H n m Eflflfl flflflflflflflflflflflfl H E E Eflflflfl flflflflfi “HE! E E flfiflfiflfififlflfl Hflfllfi a E a E H H H E W flfllflfilflflfifififlfl E I E E HE I E E EH H flflflflflfiflflfifl H H E filfiflfllfl Efilflfiflfi E H Wflflflflflfi E m H EIEEIE a £2 Elsa flflflflfi a m m m a I unmannmnmmnn I ...
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Final Exam BIO1130 - cross word - final - m Across Down 2...

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