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For my final term paper I plan to answer the prompt: Describe and justify what  you believe to be the essential elements of moral life—that is, a full and human life—for  the individual and for the community.  Explain how your view would resolve* the moral  conflicts presented in the literature we have read.  *It may be that some conflicts are not  subject to resolution, of course; in which case, explain how your view of moral life would  deal with the issues presented.  I plan to answer this question with the thesis; to lead a  moral life it is necessary to do what creates the greatest good for the greatest number of  people; this is necessary even if it does not give the individual the greatest good.  My  view has the ability to solve conflicts through the power of reason and compromises, it 
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Unformatted text preview: forces people to take an outside look at their problems and attempt to do what will provide the greatest good. The primary texts that I will use to answer this question will be the texts referencing utilitarianism. An example of this comes from the story of Omelas talking about how one child was forced to suffer for the good of the entire society. I will also talk about Williams’ response to utilitarianism and why I believe his ideal of positive responsibility versus negative responsibility. Throughout this entire paper I will be using my own personal opinion mixed in with some of Kant’s opinions about utilitarianism....
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