Final Exam BIO1130 - Mesozoic

Final Exam BIO1130 - Mesozoic - Mesozoic: h egg t o for m...

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th egg to form diploid zygote (2n) entral cell, forming cell with TRIPLOID nucleus (3n) alled endosperm Mesozoic: - Pangea: begins to split - End Triassic Extinction : o Mass extinction o This extinction is instrumental in carving out the success of the dinosaurs o Coincides with the splitting of northern continents from southern continents - Repopulate the oceans with bony, cartilaginous fish (Sharks – Placoid Scale) , etc. Fish (from fresh water environment) Plesiosaurs: - Will hunt the bony fish - Reptile found in the oceans - Short – necked: fast and agile - Long – necked : neck is twice the size of the body (slow) Molluscs – Cephalapods: - Become major predators o Faster, agile, camouflage (colouraztion), located in depth and darkness - Lose their outer shell therefore they are MORE agile and become major predators Reptiles: - Oviparous ) - Two major architectures: Skull: - Muscles for jaw are placed outside the skull (therefore a hole is put in the skull – called temporal fenestrae) - Therefore this does not change the volume in the brain case - Diapsids : 2 openings in skull ( temporal fenestrae ) o ALL Reptiles (below) o Extinct Diapsids : Saurischian (Dinosaurs) Lizard – hipped” dinosaurs Seperated pubis and Ischium Albertosaurus, raptors, T-Rex, Extremely large predators Or HUGE Herbivores (with huge long necks) Ornithischian (Dinosaurs) “Bird – hipped” dinosaurs Parallel pelvic bones All Armoured Dinosaurs (weird dinosaurs)
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Final Exam BIO1130 - Mesozoic - Mesozoic: h egg t o for m...

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