Midterm2 key - Surname (last name):_ Given name (first...

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Surname (last name):_______________________________ Given name (first name):________________________________ Student number:______________________ Chemistry 1311 A/D Test 2 November 10, 2009 Please keep your work covered and keep your eyes on your own paper! Cheating or any appearance of cheating will result in an F in the course and possible expulsion from the University. There are 10 pages in this exam. A periodic table and formula sheet are provided at the end. You may rip these two pages off of the exam and use them to cover your work during the exam. Any scratch work should be on the back of the exam pages and should be handed in with your exam. Please show all work to receive partial credit.
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You have 80 minutes to complete the exam. For each question, please write your final answer in the space provided. 1. (1 point each) For each pair below, select which has the greater entropy, and explain (very briefly): a) H 2 O(l) or H 2 O(g) Gas phase has higher entropy than liquid – energy more dispersed in gas phase (as substance spreads out) b) O 2 (g) at 298 K or O 2 (g) at 400 K higher temperature, higher entropy, heat must flow into system to raise temperature from 298 to 400 K, entropy increases. c) butane or cyclobutane cyclobutane has fewer degrees of freedom, is more constrained, therefore butane has higher entropy d) CaCl 2 (s) or CaCl 2 (aq) aqueous phase has higher entropy than solid phase, matter dispersed, entropy increased 2. Write the equilibrium constant expression, K eq, that you would use to calculate G o , for each of the following reactions. a)
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Midterm2 key - Surname (last name):_ Given name (first...

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