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Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of Physiology April 6, 2009 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. Multiple Choice (2.5% each) SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER 1. ________________ is a condition that could loosely be termed “glucagon poisoning.” A. *Type I diabetes B. Type II diabetes C. metabolic syndrome D. acromegaly 2. The effects of growth hormone are anabolic with respect to __________ and catabolic with respect to _____________. A. fat, protein B. carbohydrate, fat C. carbohydrate, protein D. *protein, fat 3. Absorbed nutrient molecules enter the blood and lymphatic vessels in which layer of the gastrointestinal tract? A. the mucosa B. *the submucosa C. the muscularis D. the serosa 4. The appendix is attached to the gastrointestinal tract near the junction of A. the esophagus and the pyloris B. the stomach and the duodenum C. the gallbladder and the pancreas D. *the ileum and the ascending colon 5. Acidic chyme is mainly neutralized in the _________ by __________ secreted from the pancreas. A. stomach, bicarbonate B. *duodenum, bicarbonate C. duodenum, zymogens D. ileum, cholecystokinin 6. Intrinsic factor, produced in the ________, is essential for absorption of Vitamin B12 in the ileum. A. *stomach B. duodenum C. jejunum D. cecum 1
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7. Final digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and proteins occurs mainly in the A. skeletal muscle B. liver C. *jejunum D. colon 8. Trypsinogen is converted to trypsin by the ___________ called enterokinase. A. pancreatic secretion B. *brush border protease C. intestinal hormone D. enterogasterone 9. Bile salts are essential for _________ and are recycled repeatedly via the ___________. A. synthesis of triglycerides, lymphatic system B. weight control, metabolism C. *digestion/absorption of lipids, enterohepatic circulation D. mobilization of lipid stores, bloodstream 10. In a normal healthy individual, blood levels of glucose might be at _______, ________, and ________ at one, two, and three hours after ingestion of a glucose solution (glucose tolerance test), A. 225 mg/dl, 175 mg/dl, 150 mg/dl B. 275 mg/dl, 175 mg/dl, 100 mg/dl C. 125 mg/dl, 100 mg/dl, 45 mg/dl D. *145 mg/dl, 125 mg/dl, 100 mg/dl 11. Your BMI is closest to A. 2.5 B. *15 C. *25 D. 50 12. Parathyroid hormone serves to ___________ the levels of Ca++ in the blood primarily by stimulating activity of ___________ in the bone. A.
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EXAM-2009S-3 - Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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