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BME 100L Fall 2009 INDUCIBLE GENE CIRCUIT DATA SHEET Safety: The Escherichia coli bacteria used in this lab have been modified to be non-virulent, but may induce an acute immune response in a very small percentage of individuals (this may occur whenever one is exposed to foreign materials or organisms). You must take the following safety precautions: Wash your hands when entering and before exiting the lab Wear a lab coat and gloves (dispose it after the lab) No eating or drinking in the lab Wear closed toe shoes Procedure: 1. Examine your plates from last week. Record your observations in the table below. Be careful to note colony morphology (shape and color). 2. Cultures of competent cells (no plasmid) and cultures of cells containing the GFP
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Unformatted text preview: gene circuit (with and without IPTG added) are available at your station. 3. Make two slides from each culture: s Label six microscope slides s Add 25 μ l culture to the middle of microscope slide 4. For one slide of each culture (three slides total), immediately add a coverslip 5. For the remaining three slides: s Place slides on slide holder over sink s Add enough crystal violet stain to cover each slide s Wait 20-60 seconds s Rinse with distilled water using squirt bottle until solution runs clear s Blot with bibulous paper 6. You will view your slides under brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Record your observations below. Competent cells only GFP gene circuit GFP gene circuit + IPTG Colonies on plate Cells under microscope...
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