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1 BME 100L. Modeling Cellular and Molecular Systems Fall 2009 Computer Project: Modeling a Genetic Oscillator – Repressilator (Due: October 2 nd for Group B and October 21 st for Group A) Michael Elowitz and Stan Leibler were among the first to engineer what we now call “synthetic gene circuit,” which marks the beginning of a new field – Synthetic Biology . One of the most well known circuits they engineered is shown in Figure 1a. The circuit consists of three transcription repressors that sequentially repress the expression of each other. Thus, it is called repressilator. One of the unique behaviors of the circuit is the stable oscillation of gene expressions, which acts like a clock but does not resemble any known natural clock. To measure the system output, the authors made a reporter construct to produce a green fluorescent protein (GFP) that can be observed under a fluorescence microscope. The GFP expression is repressed by one of the circuit element (TetR) (see Figure 1b), i.e., TetR represses both cI and GFP. The network was implemented in Escherichia coli , and the observations verified that the engineered bacterial colonies indeed exhibited the desired oscillatory behavior (see Figure 2). You can read more about this study in the original paper: Elowitz & Leibler, “A synthetic oscillatory network of transcription regulators”, Nature, 403: 335, 2000. (It has been posted on the Blackboard.) Figure 1
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Genetic%20circuit%202009%20simulation - BME 100L Modeling...

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