WK4HW - JO - Homework Assignment(Due on Tuesday 1 What is a...

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Homework Assignment (Due on Tuesday): 1) What is a sunspot? Sunspots are cool spots on the sun’s surface caused by strong magnetic fields. Sunspot’s follow an 11-year cycle, becoming more numerous, reaching a maximum and then becoming much less numerous. The evidence is clear that sunspots are part of active regions dominated by magnetic fields that involve all layers of the sun’s atmosphere. 2) What is the Sun's photosphere and chromosphere? The deepest layer of the Sun you can see is the photosphere. It is called the surface of the Sun because at the top of it, the photons are finally able to escape to space. It is a dense enough gas that you cannot see through it. It emits a continuous spectrum. The photosphere is less than 500 km deep and has an average temperature of about 5800 K. Chromophere are bright gases just above the photosphere of the sun. The chromosphere is only 2000 to 3000 kilometers thick. Its temperature rises outward away from the photosphere. Because it has a low density, you see an emission spectrum. 3) What is the Solar Neutrino problem? How was it solved? The problem was we couldn’t figure out where the missing neutrinos were going. If we could detect the neutrinos, we could probe the sun’s interior. The way the solar neutrino problem was solved was to figure out that even if neutrinos
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WK4HW - JO - Homework Assignment(Due on Tuesday 1 What is a...

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