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Homework Assignment (Due on Tuesday): 1) What are plate tectonics? What effects does it have on the surface of the Earth? Our world is rich in water and therefore subject to rapid erosion, but its crust is divided into moving sections called plates. Where plates spread apart, lava wells up from new crust; where plates are pushed against each other, they crumple the crust to form mountains. Where one plates slides over another, you see volcanism, this process is called plate tectonics. The effects that it has on the surface of Earth would be Earthquakes, mountain structures and volcanic activity. 2) What are the main gases in the Earth's atmosphere? How does it compare to Venus and Mars? What are the differences in air pressure between the three planets? Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide are the main gases in Earth’s atmosphere. The main gases in the atmosphere in Venus are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The main gases in Mars are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon. If you compare them to Earth’s atmosphere, they are both missing oxygen as a main gas, otherwise they pretty much contain the same gases on each planet. On Earth, the average is 29.92 inches of mercury. This is more than 100 times Mars' average of 0.224 inches of mercury. Also, the air pressure on Earth can vary about 10% whereas on Mars it can vary by as much as 50%. Mars' atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and therefore behaves differently than Earth's mostly nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere. The air pressure on the surface of Venus is 92 times the pressure on Earth.
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WK5HW - JO - Homework Assignment (Due on Tuesday): 1) What...

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