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Final Exam - JO - Final Exam for Math 105 Final Exam Math...

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Final Exam for Math 105 Final Exam Math 105 Instructions: The following questions refer to chapters 4 and 6. They are designed to demonstrate that you understand the topics that we have covered during the last 4 weeks of this semester. They are similar to the homework problems and the problems that were presented as examples in lecture and in the textbook. Your answers should be put into the boxes provided. If your answer is too large for the box, make the box bigger (they stretch). If your answer is close to the correct answer, I will give partial credit. You do not need to show your work. This means that you will not have to spend a lot of time typing things up. You can do it off-line and just put your answers in. I have put Hints in yellow after most questions. When you are finished, save your file with the name “FinalExam”. Copy and paste it into a post and attach a copy to the post. If the post gets messy, the attached copy should be readable. If you have specific questions regarding the exam, send your questions to the Assignment Folder and not the Main newsgroup. This way only I will see your questions.
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Chapter 4 – Exponential functions 1.We talked about the importance of the number e and some of you did a research project where you found how it was derived. You found that one way to derive the number was through the equation f(x)= x x + 1 1 . Using this equation and your calculator (or Excel if you are so inclined) evaluate the function for x = 1 through 8.Provide your answers in a table. Value of x
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Final Exam - JO - Final Exam for Math 105 Final Exam Math...

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