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DQs Week 3 - JO - 1 Answer question 1 in chapter 4(page 132...

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1. Answer question 1 in chapter 4 (page 132). Then, explore the following questions as well. If Karen Ann Quinlan were reincarnated, what part of her would be reincarnated? If there is immortality after death, in heaven for instance, what identity would she have? Would she have the identity that she had at her physical death? I think that her body still exists, but at the same time the person that Karen Ann Quinlan was is gone. When a person goes into a chronic vegetative state, I don’t think that it’s right to keep them alive if they cannot breath and such on their own. If Karen Ann Quinlan was reincarnated, I think that she would come back to the same person she was before she suffered the brain damage. I don’t think that the way that a person dies ever comes into a factor when they are going into heaven. It would definitely be wrong if that did come into the situation. 2. Answer question 10 in chapter 5 (page 174).
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