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DQs Week 4 - JO - 1. Youre a juror at a murder trial....

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1. You’re a juror at a murder trial. Explain in detail how you could be justified in considering it beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. Then, show how you would argue that there is no way that we can be certain that the accused is guilty. If I were a juror at a murder trial, the only way that I could give a vote of guilty is if I had all the facts. To have all the facts you would need to know the truth. In a trial there is usually evidence, if I had evidence, this would help make my decision. Some evidence might be finger prints, this would prove that this person was at the scene of the crime at some point, more evidence might be a weapon of some kind, whether it would be a gun or a knife or whatever, this would also help create a beyond reasonable doubt that the person was guilty. DNA would also help in a case of murder. If I had all these facts, this would an easy case for me to decide if this person was guilty or not.
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