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DQs Week 5 - JO - 1 Tom believes that infanticide is wrong...

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1. Tom believes that infanticide is wrong and Brenda believes that it is not wrong. How would a third person, Phil, judge the dispute between them if Phil were (a) a moral nihilist, (b) a moral subjectivist, (c) a moral relativist, and (d) a divine command theorist? What would be your response to Tom and Brenda and what theory does your response embrace? Well, if Phil were a moral nihilist he would deny that any moral belief or claim was objectively true or false plus he also has no moral beliefs, so he wouldn't be able to choose between two issues. If Phil was a moral subjectivist, he would believe that whatever the individual believes about a moral issue is true for that individual, there's no other kind of moral truth, so in this situation he once again could not pick sides because he would think that they are both right. Then if Phil was a moral relativist he would think that an individuals moral code is subordinate to his/her society's moral code, so it would depend on the society that both Tom and Brenda were brought up in
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