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DQs Week 8 - JO - 1 Is it legitimate for the government to...

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1. Is it legitimate for the government to prevent people from committing suicide? Why or why not? I actually think that this is legitimate for the government to prevent people from committing suicide. The government aims to protect our lives and property. To me, people that want to commit suicide are not thinking clearly. They think that there life is just so bad that they need to get out, and to them this is the only way. I think that suicide is selfish and they do not consider their loved ones. Also, most insurance policies do not pay out if a person commits suicide and then it’s even more a burden to the family. So, I say if the government can prevent this – let them. There is always and I mean always-another way to solve the problems that you might be having and death isn’t the answer. 2. Should the use of currently illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin be made legal? Why or why not? I would have to say no to this question. I do not think that current illegal drugs such
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