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Week 1 Discussion Questions 3. What do this week’s authors have in common as writers? How is each different or unique? Explain. This week’s authors; Marie De France, Julian of Norwich, Queen Elizabeth and Rachel Speight were all part of the Old English period, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance history. They were all very well spoken women for the time period that they grew up in. They used powerful words and were all very educated with their writings. The mainly all wrote about life experiences and I think that they all wanted other people to her their voices. I would also have to say, that all of these writing had emotions attached to them. They were bits and pieces of each one of their lives put into a book for us to read and get some value out of. I think that each writer had a unique style of writing and that they were all different in some way. Marie De France wrote about good versus evil and disciplined versus undisciplined. This includes a lot about men and religious aspects. Rachel Speight
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