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Week 3 Discussion Questions 1. What defines the Victorian perspective in women’s literature as evidenced in this week’s readings? In other words, what qualities appear unique to this time period? I think what defines the Victorian perspective in women’s literature from this week’s readings was how, it was proper for women to serve outside the home as long as these positions were extensions of the feminine role. Victorian women were not accustomed to choosing a career; womanhood was a career in itself. With many of these writers is seemed necessary to justify their work by recourse to some external stimulus or ideology. It was also unique for this time period that the women seem more educated. The earlier time frame readings that we read made it seem that writing was not a recognized profession for women. But in the 1840s it has seemed to become accepted. These novelists did everything that they could to compete with the men and their writings were a sense of accomplishment for them. I really enjoyed reading the
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