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DQs Week 3 part 2 - JO

DQs Week 3 part 2 - JO - Week Three Discussion Questions...

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Unformatted text preview: Week Three Discussion Questions – Part 2 Please reply to this note to post your responses to the Main discussion newsgroup. Be sure to respond to other students’ postings as well. (Try for 12-15 sentences or so each in your responses—quality is more important than quantity, but I am looking for thorough development and explanation of your ideas.) Week 2 Discussion Questions 3. How do the British writers compare to the American writers in this week’s reading? Discuss similarities and differences. I believe that I can relate to the American writers more than the British writers. I had a hard time understanding Jane Austen’s work. I think that these letters of love and friendship were a little scattered for me to read. I had no idea what letter the first. From Isabel to Laura was about. What does “No, my friend never will I comply with your request till I may be no longer in Danger of again experiencing such dreadful ones” mean? So I thought the American writer’s writings were again experiencing such dreadful ones” mean?...
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