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Week 4 Discussion Questions 3. Choose any three poems and explain what you think they mean and why they might be considered important as literature. (Use different poems than you used to answer the above questions.) The Convent Threshold by Christina Rossetti – I think that this poem is about two lovers in a sinful relationship. They have committed sins together that have injured and perhaps killed people they love. Their sins mean that they cannot be together.   The writer   chooses God and religion to save her soul, and urges her lover to do the same. Her reasoning is that if they both ask forgiveness they may be united in heaven. I think that this is important because if you believe in God, and you sin, you might still be able to make a difference and gain from your experiences. People need to write about this, so that people know that life can get better. Alone I sat; the summer day by Emily Bronte – In this poem, I can’t tell if someone died, or if she is just upset that summer is over. I think that it’s just that she is watching summer end and she
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