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DQs Week 5 part 1 - JO

DQs Week 5 part 1 - JO - Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 What...

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Week 5 Discussion Questions 1. What elements make this week’s readings more “modern” in style and content? I think, for me what made this week’s readings more modern in style and content was the language used. I did not have a hard time understanding what I was reading this week. I’m not sure why, because the readings were still from a long time ago, but they just seemed more easy flowing. Another reason that I thought that this week’s readings were more modern in style and content, is because I just felt that I could relate to the story lines more. Last week’s readings were very hard to understand with all the interrupting that needed to happen to understand what I was reading. But this week I could just read and didn’t have to analyze every word to understand. I still had to think, but I didn’t rack my brain over every word. I also think that the more we read, the more these writers are probably being accepted into society during their time. So they are free to express their feelings and views more. The creativity is really coming out this week.
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